Rory McIlroy Won’t Commit to Golf Endorsement Future

After the announcement that Nike would stop selling golf equipment, Rory McIlroy won’t commit to any decision about his golf endorsement future.

The landscape of the golf equipment market changed in a big way earlier this month, and now everyone is wondering what the future will hold for PGA superstar Rory McIlroy.

At the beginning of August, sports apparel giant Nike announced that it would stop making golf equipment, although it will continue to develop apparel for the sport. It came as a huge to surprise to one of Nike’s biggest athletes in McIlroy, who reportedly learned of the announcement two hours before it was made public.

While a move like this could steer some of Nike’s golfers away, McIlroy doesn’t seem too worried about his endorsements right now.

“We’ll see where we go from here,” McIlroy said according to Steve DiMeglio from USA Today. “I’m not going to commit to anything. I wouldn’t be surprised to see me not go with a manufacturer for a year or two, just sort of play with what I want to play, play with what I’m comfortable with, and go from there.”

For now, McIlroy can continue to use his current clubs, but there may come a time where he will want to look at products elsewhere. However, with the season still underway, the 27 year old has no desire to change what’s been working. Once the season ends in October, we may see McIlroy exploring his options to see if there’s a fit elsewhere. Until then, we will see McIlroy sticking with Nike, at least for now.

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