Walmart is trying to digitize your in-store shopping experience

The retail giant Wal-Mart is attempting to help make in-store shopping easier by embracing a stronger digital presence.

With the addition of Walmart Pay, this has somewhat streamlined the processes, but hasn’t eliminated the need for customers to wait in line all together. The Walmart Pay feature is within the Walmart app, and allows customers to pay for their purchases with their connected card at the cash.

The new technology will also integrate the app, allowing more streamlined process at the Walmart money services counter. According to The Washington Post, customers will be able to fill out information digitally on the app, instead of having to fill out paper work by-hand at the counter.

A similar technology will be used at the pharmacy, allowing customers to pay with the app. Much like the ability to pay with the Walmart app at the regular tills, customers will be able to use a similar process to quickly check-out.

Another feature that Walmart would like to implement, is the ability to ring through your own purchases and pay- all within the app. This is already done at the Apple Store, so it seems as though this is something that may grow in popularity.

With lines that always seem to be super long, anything that can shorten or eliminate wait times would be more than welcomed. Hopefully all their ideas work out, and that Walmart shoppers can have a more digital in-store experience.

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