Latest iPhone iOS update beta is out and it sounds awesome

The next iOS update is testing the fifth version of its beta, and the new features sound really awesome.

Last week brought news that the Apple iPhone 8 might not be available in September, delaying the release of the 10th anniversary device possibly into 2018. It wasn’t all bad news though, as the current iPhone is going to be getting an iOS update in the near future and we’re starting to learn more and more about it.

The latest iOS — 10.3 — will be released to the pubic in the very near future, but for now it’s the developers who are testing it out. It’s Beta 5 time for this latest iOS and so far the features are shaping up to be slight steps above what we’ve been given thus far.

Here’s a quick look at what is included in this latest iOS update:

  • Find My AirPods feature
  • Safari support for Reduced Motion preference
  • New Apple File System (APFS), which could free up GBs in your memory
  • Siri is expanding sports knowledge to provide live updates for more niche sports like cricket
  • Prominent user security section in Settings app
  • Weather data in Maps app now has 3D Touch forecast
  • Podcasts app has a widget now for easier access
  • New system level way for developers to request app rating, opt out option in Settings
  • CarPlay status bar has persistent quick access to media, communication, and travel apps for quick switching without accessing the Home screen

These aren’t Earth shattering changes that Apple is making, but they’re still nice little tweaks. No one was expecting this latest iOS release to be anything groundbreaking but it’s encouraging to see the small upgrades go a long way.

As for how well they perform when the iOS is actually released, we’re going to have to wait and see on that one.