Target’s new ‘Strong Like Mom’ shirt getting a lot of online attention

A mother’s strength is undeniable, and Target took that strength and put it on a t-shirt for kids to wear, and it’s getting a lot of attention from moms.

Kids clothes are usually divided by gender; boys have blue and green t-shirts in one section, and girls have pink and sparkly shirts in another. Of course there are unisex clothes, but Target is taking an empowering phrase and making it for everyone.

The tee is a blue cotton shirt, with the phrase “Strong Like Mom” in big, shiny letters across the front. The shirts are available in store and on Target’s website (and they’re only $6!).

The empowering tee is getting a lot of online attention from moms all over. A hashtag with the same wording #StrongLikeMom has emerged with a lot of moms showing their kids posing in their shirts.

This #TargetLittle is #StrongLikeMom. 💪 📷: @babyjackco

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In an interview with TODAY, mom and blogger Michelle Rivera discussed her feelings with the slogan on the t-shirt:

What a wonderful concept to have stylish T-shirts that can be worn by both girls and boys, while also including empowering, positive and inspirational messages on them. I love the message, ‘Strong Like Mom,’ which is not only targeted for the girls to wear, but is for boys to wear, too.

With corporations seemingly always under a lot of scrutiny for decisions they make, it’s nice to see people getting behind Target’s new t-shirt design.

Any parent who raises a kid is incredibly strong, and should be celebrated in as many ways as possible. Even if the celebration is a simple slogan on a t-shirt, it’s still a small win for strong moms everywhere. Hopefully the kids wearing the shirts feel as empowered as the moms who dressed them.



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