Netflix releases trailer for Dave Chappelle stand-up specials

After years of being out of the national spotlight, comedian Dave Chappelle is bringing some stand-up specials exclusively to Netflix, and people can’t wait.

Anyone that’s a fan of comedian Dave Chappelle can never get enough of his material. That’s especially true because Chappelle has been so rarely in the national spotlight since the Comedy Central series Chappelle’s Show went off of the air.

Now, fans are rejoicing, because the stand-up comedian has teamed up with Netflix to release a number of stand-up specials. Two of those specials will be released on Netflix next week, and the online streaming service has released a trailer for both of them.

The trailer features a couple of bits from the stand-up specials without giving too much away. Probably the most notable nugget in the trailer is Chappelle talking about meeting O.J. Simpson and his wife just before she was murdered. You can watch the entire trailer in the YouTube video below.

As we said earlier, Chappelle has been out of the national spotlight for some time now. However, Chappelle did make a brief return back in November on Saturday Night Live immediately following the election. It was his first time hosting, and he did an unbelievable job.

Netflix has been extremely aggressive with doing their own exclusive stand-up comedy deals with some really famous comedians. Getting three different specials from Chappelle is obviously huge, and it could be the biggest name they’ve ever gotten. Hopefully the specials are as good as advertised, but considering that this is Chappelle we’re talking about, I’m guessing they’ll deliver.