Walmart is ready to challenge Amazon’s two-day shipping success

People order from Amazon knowing that they can get fast and reliable shipping, now Walmart is ready to expand and offer two-day shipping.

Hiring hundreds of workers is Walmart’s next step in competing with Amazon. Walmart has been trying different techniques to be successful when it seems that Amazon can’t be stopped.

The Mercury News reports that the new jobs will be in the Bay Area, including San Bruno and Sunnyvale, CA. With over 2000 employees in the area already, it will be a good boost for the local economy.

The retail space is every changing, and in a digital age, no on can predict what’s next. Things have been the same for so many years prior, but now the consumer has different needs. It is the job of retail giants like Walmart to make changes in order to stay competitive in this new technology-driven era.

In an interview with The Mercury News, Walmart spokesperson Ravi Jariwala talked about how Walmart is planning to stay relevant and successful in this new age:

We are shifting our investments and building up teams that can launch two-day shipping and other customer-facing initiatives that further enhance the digital shopping experience.

Companies have to change what they’ve been doing for many, many years because what used to work is no longer successful. The stores used to tell the customer what they wanted, but now the customer is telling the stores what they want. This shift has forced a lot of stores to abandon their old techniques and do what Amazon is doing.

With 100’s of new employees, hopefully the two-day shipping will be a success and will help Walmart in this ever-uncertain time for retail.