Target planning makeover for stores across United States

Target is planning a major design overhaul for a number of stores around the United States over the next few years to give them a more appealing layout.

Retail companies across the world are finding themselves in a tough situation due to the increasing presence of online retail companies such as Amazon. Despite struggling quarterly earnings, Target is planning a major overhaul to try and attract more customers to their stores.

The retail giant is planning a $7 billion investment into its stores and digital properties in an attempt to recover some of its market share. One of the plans for that money is to renovate and redesign the layout for local stores across the country.

According to Krystina Gustafson from, the retail giant will be unveiling its first completely redesigned store in the Houston area in October. The new layout will have two entrances, with one focused on shoppers in a rush and another for those looking to shop around the fashion and beauty departments.

The entrance for speedy shoppers will apparently lead them into a redesigned grocery section that will make it easier for customers to grab and go. You can see a concept for the grocery department below.

Courtesy of Target

The Houston area Target is just the first of a number of stores planning to be redesigned. Other stores will be renovated in 2018 and 2019, with plans of 500 different stores around the country getting a makeover like this.

It’s a bold strategy in a growing digital age, but Target is hoping that the redesign of their stores will help bring in more customers.

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