Walmart has purchased independent fashion label ModCloth

ModCloth is a independent fashion label that just announced that they have been bought by Walmart.

The purchase by the retail giant has sparked a lot of anger from ModCloth supporters. A website that supports body positivity and features a wide range of sizes, a lot of people are worried for the future.

Co-founder Susan Gregg Kroger explains in her blog, about the beginning of ModCloth and what the bad has done to show its inclusiveness:

We started the “real” casting movement; we were the first fashion company to take the No-Photoshop pledge, and we were one of the first brands to offer a true full size range (from xxs to 4x) of apparel to their customers.

This statement is what has people worried. According to Fast Company, a lot of people are worried that ModCloth won’t remain as inclusive since they’ve been bought by Walmart.

Kroger also says in her blog, that this will allow the company to have more resources, and open up brick and mortar locations.

Despite what Kroger said, a lot of people are unhappy about the Walmart purchase, and have turned to social media.

Jess has complied a list of other places to shop for women who don’t want to support Walmart. Another women who supported ModCloth, wrote an email to the company explaining her loyalty and her request to have her account deleted because of the acquisition.

This seems like a smart move for Walmart, but hopefully a lot of the loyal ModCloth purchasers will remain so even after the changes.

With everything that ModCloth stands for, hopefully they will remain true to the brand they began as.

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