Netflix now allows users to skip intros with a new button

When the 30-second intro sequence interrupts your 10th episode of the night, you might be looking for an easy way to skip over the repetition – and now you can.

Being able to skip the intro without fast forwarding too far and missing your show has only been a fantasy for the longest time; but now, you can use the ‘Skip Intro’ button to get right into your show.

If you watch your Netflix in your computers’ browser, than you’re in luck becuase this is where the new feature is available. It seems as of now, it is only available in the one format and is unavailable for app or console watchers.

This was noticed almost 30 days ago by a user on Reddit, but has been gaining more attention in the recent days.

New Feature: Skip Intro Button [US] from netflix

Other users from the original thread (above), have said they also noticed the feature, and are from different countries around the world. This new button isn’t exclusive to the Americans, it seems everyone with access to Netflix can now use this feature.

A lot of users have discovered the new feature while watching Netflix original series, but Entertainment Weekly reports that the feature also works on third-party shows.

Now with a quick and easy way to save yourself a few minutes every episode, you may even be able to squeeze in an extra episode. Binge watchers rejoice!

Netflix watches have taken to Twitter, to tweet about their satisfaction with this new option. It seems that there is no dissatisfaction with this new option, because it is just that- an option. Watchers can chose whether they skip the intro or watch it.