Target expands the meaning of ‘nude’ to include more people

Nude means an array of things to different people, but in the fashion world ‘nude’ usually refers to a light beige color that generally resembles the skin of a white person – but Target is changing that.

Target has released a new range of nude wear, that covers more than one skin tone; their new range features nudes for four different skin-tones. In a statement from Target, they explain their four new nude shades:

A change that focuses on inclusivity and giving guests access to products that suit them best, the new nudes include cocoa, caramel, honey beige and mochaccino.

The new collection mostly features intimate apparel including bras and underwear. The inclusive range of nude-wear also features hosiery. Traditional ‘nude’ bras work for people with light skin, but those with darker skin, the traditional ‘nude’ color isn’t nude at all – and a lot of people have been critical of that.

It’s good to see companies producing a broader range of nude shades that appeal to more than one (very light) skin-tone.

With three more color options that usual, many more people will be able to find nude intimate apparel that is actually nude for their skin tone.


Moving forward, Target said they they want to introduce more nude shades and items into their collection. The additional shades are said to be coming in the fall, as well as the addition of shoes.

As society is becoming more inclusive, it’s about time that more retailers acknowledged the different skin tones and provided a nude for darker skin.

Hopefully this is the beginning to more inclusive range of nude intimate wear for other big-box stores.





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