Adidas to mass produce 3D-printed shoe

The athletic apparel giant Adidas is going to be mass producing a sneaker with a 3D-printed sole next year, and it could change the sneaker world in a big way.

Adidas is continuing to try and find ways to close the gap in market share between itself and its industry rival Nike. That means getting creative in a number of ways, including finding ways to utilize 3D printing technology.

According to Emma Thomasson and Aleksandra Michalska from Reuters, Adidas released a new sneaker on Friday with a 3D-printed sole. The product is expected to be mass produced next year in 2018.

The beauty of the 3D print technology is that it will allow even more customization for customers and their sneakers. The technology will make it much more cost effective for Adidas to release special edition sneakers or even create soles that are best designed for a specific person’s weight and the way in which they walk.

While other athletic apparel companies like Nike and Under Armour have been experimenting with 3D printing technology, Adidas is trying to take it a step further by partnering with a tech start-up in Carbon. The company is based in Silicon Valley and has found a technique that creates a stronger type of material that could help make more durable sneakers for Adidas.

The technology itself is still in the early stages, but this could be a big step for companies like Adidas as they try to find ways to cut cost and mass produce products in a more efficient manner.