Apple iPhone 8 image leak hints at some interesting features (Photo)

We might have our first big Apple iPhone 8 leak, with alleged specs revealing a major redesign for the iconic mobile device.

We are still a few months away from the WWDC and what could be further confirmation of iPhone 8 features, but already the rumor mill is spinning wild. We have a basic idea of what the phone will look like and the features it will have, but it’s all guesswork at this point and nothing has been set in stone from Apple.

There are still doubts that the phone will be ready for a September launch, meaning the seventh-generation iPhone will be repurposed and modified for 7S release. Even if that happens, we’re going to eventually get the 10th anniversary iPhone and the eighth-generation will come.

This week brought one of the better leaks we’ve seen, assuming it’s all on the level. Always take these things with a grain of salt, but it appears that the iPhone 8 back panel design has leaked and it’s very revealing.

Here’s a look at the alleged specs:

Here are a few things this could confirm as far as things we’re expecting in the iPhone 8:

  • Continuing development of dual-lens camera that we saw on the iPhone 7-Plus
  • The phone will not be rounded glass with side notifications like the Galaxy phones
  • There might be a Touch-ID port in the back of the phone
  • It could also possibly be a wireless charging port sensor

These are all still very speculative long shots but it’s worth considering. This isn’t an earth shattering change that Apple is making, but it does indicate they’re starting to come around to technology we’ve been waiting for them to include for a while.

We won’t find out exactly what the iPhone 8 has in store until later on in the year, and despite any feature that could be announced we can’t get totally excited until a firm release date is in place.

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