Let’s re-live the Rogue One Darth Vader scene with Lego (Video)

Star Wars Celebration was this past weekend, which means it’s time to re-live the Darth Vader Rogue One scene with Lego.

Everything is cooler with Lego, especially when it’s Star Wars related. Look no further than the re-creation of the infamous Darth Vader scene in Rogue One for proof of that.

I suppose a spoiler alert is in store here. If you for some unholy reason haven’t yet seen Rogue One, then stop here. Actually don’t, because this isn’t really that big of a spoiler — it’s just cool. Even with Lego, this scene is brutal in a way that makes you cringe while also being in awe.

The scene, for that one person who doesn’t know by now, involves Darth Vader pursuing rebels onto Princess Leia’s ship while they desperately try to pass along the stolen Death Star plans. He catches them, slaughters them but not before they are able to sneak the plans away.

Re-live the horror below:

One simply can do no wrong when it comes to combining Star Wars and Lego, especially when this much thought and care has been put into it. Stop-motion animation is not an easy thing to do, especially when you’re dealing with Lego. Yet somehow this is one of the coolest things you’ll see on the internet and that’s a shine that won’t ever wear off.

It’s also a bit harrowing to see Darth Vader’s carnage re-created with Lego, as it doesn’t take away any of the sting of the moment. It’s still horrifying, but in a different way. The reason the scene works so well is we’ve come to like Vader over the years as an anti-hero, but he goes full villain in Rogue One. The disarming nature of Lego amplifies the carnage we’ve ignored for years while romanticizing a villain who is bad the bone in every possible way.