Here are five easy fidget spinner tricks everyone can perform (Video)

Fidget spinners are all the rage right now, but what tricks can you perform to maximize your stress relief?

If you haven’t heard of fidget spinners, then get with the times. They’re all the rage right now and now is the time to get on board before you’re deemed a bandwagoner. Without going too in-depth about what they are, fidget spinners are basically a toy you spin on your fingers to relieve stress and focus your mind.

It’s also a toy, which means you can do crazy things with it — like tricks.

With the tide of hype still rising on the fidget spinners, now is the time to master your bag of tricks. That way when we reach critical mass with these things you look like some fidget spinner Jedi master.

This trend feels a lot like the Pokemon Go trend last summer, and that’s one that is still raging almost a year later. Look no further than how advanced people are in their fandom and mastering of that craft for proof you should waste no time in trying to learn all the tricks you can now.

Here are five easy tricks that just about anyone can do with their fidget spinner:

Here’s the list of tricks in the video so you can skip right to them:

  • Simple Hand Transfer – 0:08
  • Finger Transfer – 0:39
  • Hand Twist – 0:58
  • Around The Back – 1:27
  • Spinner Swap – 1:52

They’re not all easy tricks to perform but we all have to start somewhere.

If you’re looking for where to buy fidget spinners, Amazon seems to be the best place to pick them up at the best price. Of course it’s not an Amazon exclusive which means you can pick it up on eBay and other online outlets. Be sure to check out your local toy store too, as you can likely get a demonstration on using it as well.