Sugarfina green juice gummy bears are an April Fool’s joke no more

Fancy candy retailer Sugarfina gives the people want they want: Green Juice Gummy Bears.

A lot of what we cover here on Smart Carting, from $4,000 lawn mowers to Unicorn Frappuccinos, can sound like an April Fool’s joke. In fact, the focus of this very post – Green Juice Gummy Bears – was intended as just that. But, when customers started calling “desperate” for the gummies, Sugarfina realized they must give the people what they want. And here we are today with fully realized Green Juice Gummy Bears.

Sugarfina sells gourmet candy, curated from “artisan candy makers around the globe.” This includes hazelnut candies from Piedmont, Italy – “which produces the finest hazelnuts in the world” – and chocolates stuffed with kumquats, cherries and strawberries from the Greek isles. Their gummy bears are “sourced from the Bavarian region of Germany, where gummy bears were invented.”

The Germans, however, did not invent the special flavors Sugarfina offers, which include champagne bears, bourbon bears and rosé bears. “Cuba Libre,” “peach Bellini” and both “Stout Pints” and Pale Ale Pints” are featured across their three pages of flavors. Which is to say, their avid customers could be forgiven for believing that the announcement of “Green Juice Gummy Bears” was no joke.

Alas, it was, but the demand could not be denied. According to Delish, Sugarfina co-founders Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick reached out to Pressed Juicery and lo, a partnership was born. The resulting bears are made with apple, lemon, ginger and greens to evoke Pressed Juicery’s greens juice.

You can buy the bears in three sizes: 15.4 oz, 7.6 oz and a 1.7 oz “mini shot.” Showing vital self-awareness, Sugarfina and Pressed Juicery also created a tongue-in-cheek “7-day gummy bear cleanse” that includes a mini shot for each day of the week.

Sugarfina boutiques exist nationwide and the candy sellers have numerous retail partners as well. One of the best known features of their shops are Sugarfina bento boxes. Ranging from three-piece to 32-piece, the bentos allow you to customize a candy box with candies of your choice – now including green juice gummies too.