Edible rose gold glitter adds literal sparkle to sparkling beverages

If champagne by itself was too quotidian for you, you can now add edible glitter to bring literal sparkle to the sparkling beverage of your choice.

Just a spoonful of edible glitter and a stir and voilà, you have now transformed what was a basic beverage into a very basic beverage. Because what drink doesn’t need rose-gold swirls, heart-shaped flakes and a slight raspberry taste?

Raspberry Shimmer Popaball is brought to you by a British company called PopaBall. It’s branded for prosecco, but you can presumably spoon some sparkle into whatever bubbly beverage you want. Pink-gold vodka soda, pink-gold gin and tonic, pink-gold La Croix. The options really are extensive.

But, wait, there’s more down the PopaBall rabbit hole. This isn’t the first time the company has encouraged you to add debatably delightful things to your drink.

PopaBall’s flagship product appears to be “bursting juice bubbles” that they encourage you to purchase in a “Pimp Your Prosecco” set that includes the glitter and a liqueur of your choice. The liqueurs they offer are standard champagne-supplement fare: “elderflower gin” (which probably / hopefully tastes like St. Germain), Chambord (which is raspberry flavored), and rhubarb and ginger gin (“for those wanting something a little different“).

But, back to the bursting bubbles. If you’re familiar with Taiwanese bubble or boba tea, you can deduce the concept, because PopaBall is not going to explain it to you. Their bubbles come in a range of fruit flavors and contain juice, sugar and a range of other ingredients including seaweed extract. They won’t burst on their own, but you are encouraged to bite into them or suck them up with a straw. The bubblier your beverage, the more likely your juicy bubbles will float to the top.

Lest you fear that your newly flavorful beverage will not shimmer, you can buy “shimmer bubbles.”

Unfortunately, America will have to wait awhile longer to experience the delights of shimmery drinks. PopaBall products, including the rose-gold glitter, are only sold and shipped in the U.K. In the meantime, you can try to make your own. Bustle recommends a combination of edible pink – sorry, “rose” – glitter and edible gold flakes. For makeshift bite-and-burst juicy bubbles, might we recommend a boba tea, hold the tea.