4 last-minute ways to win and save on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost here. For all you last-minute delinquents, the internet can help.

God bless two-day shipping. When a birthday or holiday sneaks up on you – don’t they always – and your local gift shop comes up short, the internet blessedly comes through in a pinch. With Mother’s Day this Sunday May 14, you may find yourself in such a pinch right now.

Here are four ways the internet can help you win Mother’s Day.

1. Find a gift guide

Look, sometimes you can come up with the perfect gift for mom all on your own. But when the clock is ticking and your creative juices aren’t flowing, gift guides are a godsend. Start with the basics – a classic overview of ideas – or go niche if you know Mom loves Harry Potter, the Walking Dead or the fandom of her choice.

2. Send flowers online

Flowers, specifically bouquets, have an inexplicable appeal. Even the most practical mom can appreciate a pretty, sweet-smelling arrangement – assuming, of course, she’s not allergic. Online florists offer a number of variations on the theme – they will for example, deliver a bouquet with or without a vase, with candles and chocolates, or, of course, a bouquet that is entirely chocolate. Sending flowers is an especially nice idea for those who won’t make it to Mother’s Day in person.

3. Save on experiences with Groupon and Gilt City

Gift cards are, generally, really lame gifts. Yes, they are incredible practical, but they frequently go unused and, with a few exceptions, just lack the personal touch that presents at least suggest. However, somewhere between a wrapped box with a bow and a plastic card inside a paper card is the Groupon or Gilt City coupon. Depending on your price range and her tastes, deal sites can set you up with an excellent experience-style gift – think: massages, cooking or work out classes, staycations.

4. Book brunch on OpenTable

This seems like an obvious one, but again, when planning Mother’s Day, the internet is your friend. Another check in the experiential gift column, Mother’s Day brunch is a tried-and-true choice to celebrate the occasion. OpenTable, a company that has more or less cornered the market on online reservations, should be your first stop. If you come up empty though, it must be said that actually calling mom’s favorite spot has been known to be more effective on brunch’s high holidays.