You need Lego Baby Groot in your life (Photo)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is in theaters, which is a perfect time to accept Lego Baby Groot into our lives.

Marvel is back at it again with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which means one thing: more Groot.

Well, not the official Groot but the sequel Groot for the sequel movie. In the original Guardians, Groot sacrifices his life at the end of the film to save everyone’s life. If you hadn’t already gathered that from there being no Groot but every other character in the trailers, I’m sorry for spoiling it.

Groot — voiced in the first film by Vin Diesel — might be gone but his legacy lives on in our new favorite character. Never before has there been a more marketable star than the Funko-turned-CGI character Baby Groot.

All early reviews seem to have a common thread of loving Baby Groot, and what’s there not to love? He’s adorable as hell and clearly does adorable things in the film. This is textbook character creation within an ensemble and Guardians Vol. 2 seems to have nailed it.

What this all leads to is a natural stop n the life cycle of the Baby Groot hype. Of course there’s a Lego version of Baby Groot — how could there not be?

It’s every bit as adorable as you’re thinking:

Groot may no longer be with us but his offspring is here to fill the hole in our hearts.

What this also confirms is that it’s absolutely impossible to not make something infinitely more adorable with Lego.