Lucky Charms is giving away boxes of just marshmallows

The dream is real as Lucky Charms is not only in the business of marshmallow-only boxes, but they’re giving them away for free.

Lucky Charms was always a favorite cereal in childhood, for reasons having nothing to do with nutrition. The whole reason we loved the cereal as kids was specifically because of that lack of healthiness: the marshmallows.

We were all there, picking out the marshmallows and leaving behind the actual cereal. It was quite literally desert for breakfast and that was the time to be alive. In the years since, all of us who thrived on the marshmallow goodness have been endlessly searching — and dreaming — of a box where the cereal doesn’t exist but the sugary goodness of the marshmallows do, exclusively.

General Mills has answered our prayers, and this month will be giving away boxes of Lucky Charms that are just the marshmallows. That’s right:

  • Lucky Charms will have marshmallow-only boxes
  • They will be given away — that means free boxes of marshmallows.

Here are the details on how to get your hands on this box full of dreams:

This month, you’ll be able to find specially marked boxes of Lucky Charms (in the States only, sorry!) marked with a special 14-digit code on the inside back panel. Enter that numeric string at, and well, that’s it. You’ll find out at that moment whether you’re a winner of a covetable box of Charms.

That’s about as real as it gets. You could argue that it would be easier to get marshmallows the legit way but they aren’t the same. This isn’t about getting something for free that we can get elsewhere because we can’t. Good luck trying tot find the Lucky Charm marshmallows in the marketplace, you’ll be searching for a while.

It’s the idea of having these awesome treats that bring us back to our childhood that is appealing, and it doesn’t get any better than that.

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