Airport capsule hotels aren’t the worst way to pass a layover

There’s no good way to spend a night in the airport, but if you must, you could do worse than the Italian BenBo capsule hotel.

First, credit where credit is due. Capsule hotels, like many cool and trendy things, originated in Japan, where they’ve been popular for decades. They are small rooms just big enough for one or two people and contain expertly placed amenities like TVs and fold-down desks.

Airports around the world have begun to incorporate them into their design. Even at their more expensive rates, they’re still considerably more affordable and convenient than most airport hotels Even entry into an airport lounge that won’t necessarily offer privacy or anything resembling a bed can range from $50 to $500.

Even as they become more common, their futuristic and kind of wild aesthetic still makes the opening of a new airport capsule hotel a cause of interest. And so it went with BenBo, short for BednBoarding, an Italian airport capsule hotel recently opened at the Naples Capodichino airport.

BenBo offers 42 capsule rooms with soundproof walls, a very small window, a drop-down table, TV and dedicated shoe storage. The rooms are white, which obviously help them feel more spacious, but is also an homage to Japanese capsule hotels. The exteriors are painted bright colors to make the pods seem more cheery and less like something out of a sci-fi horror film. Bathroom access is mostly private, meaning guests can access private bathrooms with a toilet, sink, shower and towels behind a locked door and only guests have access to the bathroom area, but the facilities are not en suite. BenBo also offers its own “lounge space” with large windows and plants, because people love hanging out in places with plants. All in all, you could do much worse.

Check out the BenBo’s photo gallery to see for yourself.

The rooms get major points for feeling more like a room than a coffin – some capsules really lean into the “capsule” part – and the price is similarly appealing. While BenBo doesn’t advertise an hourly rate, punch in an overnight stay, from say 1 p.m. to 9 a.m. the next morning, and you’re looking at a reasonable 50 euros.

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