The Death Star Trench Run is even cooler with Lego (Video)

Someone re-created the Star Wars Death Star run with Lego and it’s just as amazing as you’re thinking.

May the Fourth is behind us but Star Wars Day is everyday to fans who love the series. A common crossover audience is the Lego community, who actively finds themselves indulging in both a love of Lego and a passion for Star Wars.

We often see these two worlds collide in the most creative of ways, and that was true again for Star Wars Day. Someone re-created the infamous Death Star trench run with — you guessed it — Lego.

Just take a look and enjoy the amazingness:


This isn’t the first Lego re-creation we’ve seen like this and it won’t be the last. It’s not what you’d define as a traditional Lego re-creation since it’s clearly been animated but it’s never a bad time to combine Star Wars and bricks, no matter the form.

Of course real Star Wars fans will be harkened back to their Lego Star Wars video game days, as this is straight from something the game series would do. It’s comical, it’s faithful and it’s totally awesome.

There should really be more of these, when you think about it. While we have the video games in our lives to allow for the Star Wars Lego crossover to be a regular thing, it’s never a bad thing to have as much of it as possible. That’s what videos like this remind us, that there’s never going to be enough creativity in the world and that’s a beautiful thing.