Apple is fighting a bill that would make repairing your devices cheaper

Apple and other tech companies are fighting a bill that would make repairing your phones easier.

In a world where the consumer is looking for the best deal, it seems the companies we give business to are fighting against the current. That appears to be the case with Apple and a bill n New York that would make smart device repair much easier and likely much cheaper for consumers.

The bill effectively requires companies like Apple to provide third-party repair stores access to proper tools and software to allow for services to be rendered on repairs. Apple, seeing this as business being taken away from Apple Stores, is vehemently against the bill.

A few months ago it was reported that Apple was essentially locking out users who had their phones repaired by third-party providers.

The agency claimed that Apple used the infamous “Error 53” issue in software updates that rendered devices useless after owners had common repair work done by an unauthorized service provide.

This meant that if you went to get your Apple device repaired anywhere other than at the Genius Bar, you ran the risk of Apple finding out and locking you out of your device.

Before you take to the streets and march against Apple, this is likely something in the massive user agreement we all blindly opt-in on when we’re prompted to. It’s the nature of using Apple devices, it seems.

Apple isn’t the only tech conglomerate trying to defeat this user friendly bill. Verizon and Medtronic — a medial device company — are all reportedly in the trenches with Apple to try and take down a bill that hurts their bottom line.

Not all third-party repair shops will ruin your phone, and if they do it’s not a scam on their part — probably. Apple railing against the bill, one that would presumably help the consumer, isn’t the best look but is unlikely to keep anyone from buying Apple products.