Wonder Woman Lego poster is the coolest thing you’ll see before the movie

The Wonder Woman poster re-done with Lego might be the coolest thing you see this week.

We are just under a week until Wonder Woman hits cinemas, brining to life the Amazon goddess for the first time on the big screen. It’s a huge deal, as the empowering moment is also being matched with something Warner Bros and DC haven’t yet found with their film ventures — quality success.

After the hot farts that Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad ended up being, the bar lowered significantly. Wonder Woman aims to not only clear but carry the bar back up with the film’s release the first weekend of June.

In celebration of the film’s release, the character is getting the Lego treatment. Wonder Woman has received such treatment in the past, but this time she’s all on her own and it’s one of the most badass things you’ll see.

Here’s a look at the poster, re-done spectacularly with Lego:

Credit: Instagram

Of course, it will only remain the coolest thing you see until you actually see the film. From all accounts, the movie is a smash hit, sure to correct course at least a little from what we’ve seen out of DC and WB so far.

Not only will Wonder Woman be a rousing success and first major victory for DC and WB, but it sounds like it’s set up to finally deliver on the franchise building everyone wanted. Wonder Woman is likely to spawn a franchise that expires Diana Prince in various time periods, acting as a James Bond or Indiana Jones style franchise. It’s brilliant, and means there will likely be plenty more Lego creations in the future for Wonder Woman.