When and how to download iOS 11 on iPhone

Apple is unveiling all kinds of new goodies at the WWDC this week, one of which was the new iOS 11 — but when can you download it?

The summer months aren’t usually big for tech releases, but it’s big for teases. Apple usually holds a keynote in the fall where the latest technology they’ve created is officially released, but June is when we first hear about what is coming next.

There’s no other reason for normal folks like us to care about techie things like the WWDC — which stands for World Wide Developers Conference. I’m not a developer so the name of the conference instantly disqualifies me from being interested, at least on the surface.

WWDC is when Apple drops the teases of the tech that will be coming in the fall. This year we saw our first look at the HomePod (Apple’s response to Amazon’s Echo) and the features we will see in the new iOS.

Among the things we will see is a Dark Mode, to save our retinas and trip us the hell out:

There’s also improvements to Siri coming, including a male option to make sure we truly stay divided on gender issues. Apple Pay is getting some much needed upgrades and there will be alterations made to make iOS more seamless with wearable tech included in WatchOS 4.

Now for the question you’re all here for: when can you download iOS 11?

Right now it’s available in Beta form, which you can try and get your foot in the door with here. For the rest of us, iOS 11 will be rolled out this fall, likely when the next iPhone is announced. Don’t assume that’s going to be the iPhone 8, as all signs point to that being delayed until 2018. Instead we’re fully expecting the iPhone 7S to be tossed into the marketplace, tiding us over.

When it comes time to update to iOS 11, you’ll get a notification on your device letting you know your download is ready.