Is this an Iron Man spoiler in the Spider-Man Homecoming Lego set?

Lego isn’t going to build its sets around avoiding pre-release movie spoilers, which means we might have learned something about Spider-Man Homecoming.

Every time a tentpole blockbuster hits theaters, it’s usually accompanied by Lego set releases. From Star Wars to Jurassic Park, these sets are something fans and collectors clamor for.

They’re also something that usually contain spoilers, since they’re designed to be built around the movie and not avoiding spoilers. That’s the case — potentially — with the first Spider-Man Homecoming sets.

Be cautioned, there are spoilers ahead. They’re not major but if you want virgin eyes heading into the theater, don’t go any further.

Alright, you’ve been warned.

The set — which is pretty low key — seems to suggest that Tony Stark won’t actually be fighting in the Iron Man suit. Evidence that suggests this is seen in the head under the mask being clear blue tint. 

We’ve seen Stark operate the Iron Man suit remotely before, and it appears that’s going to be the case again this time around. Stark is without a doubt in the movie, but the idea that he appears in only out-of-suit scenes makes sense. The few scenes we see Iron Man — for instance pulling together a boat to help out Spider-Man — almost make more sense knowing that the suit is being controlled remotely.

The timeline for Spider-Man seems take place after the events of Civil War, which again lends credence to the theory that the Iron Man suit is being controlled remotely.

It’s not a major spoiler, which at least is something to take solace in. That doesn’t mean we won’t see things spoiled in the future with Lego sets, but this is a reminder that not all sets have spoilers that will ruin the movie. In fact, this gets something out of the way and allows us even more seamlessly invest ourselves in the film.

Spider-Man Homecoming hits theaters on July 7th.