Quick, buy an Amazon Echo now during one-day super discount for lowest price

If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on an Amazon Echo, buy one now, today, immediately to take advantage of the one-day sale.

Lots of people love and swear by the Amazon Echo. Alexa is one of the smarter AI personal assistants, and Amazon has invested considerable time and money into creating related Echo products to meet your other interests and needs. (Sometimes going arguably too far.) But the Amazon Echo is their hallmark, original AI product and it’s typically $179.99. Today, it’s $129.99.

The one-day, $50-off sale is the lowest price the Amazon Echo has ever been — the last time Amazon sold the product for $130 was on last year’s Prime Day. While the tech company and online retail giant fairly regularly has sporadic sales, there’s no telling when they’ll hit or how low they will go. Which is to say: if you’re thinking of buying an Echo, do so today.

But that raises the question, should you? Like we said, Alexa, the digital assistant with which Echo products are equipped, is particularly smart compared to Siri. You can also download “skills” for Alexa, which further customize her ability to help with your life. For example, you could download a Domino’s skill, or an Uber skill, which would allow you to order, by voice command, a pizza or a car, respectively.

Many people are still hesitant to fully embrace AI personal and home assistants. After all, the ability for a major corporation to hear and gather data on essentially every aspect of your life is disconcerting to some. To others, it’s super, super convenient.

If you land on the side of “convenient” — or if your pervious stance was “convenient but not worth $180” and you were really just waiting for the right deal — then today is the day to buy an Amazon Echo.

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