Comic-Con 2017: The Force is with this giant Lego Luke Skywalker statute (Photo)

Lego is going all out at Comic-Con, and this giant Luke Skywalker statue is proof that they’re not messing around.

Comic-Con is getting underway in San Diego, a mecca for all things nerdy and cool. From comic books to sci-fi, all eyes are on California this weekend as we prepare to learn all we can about the upcoming geekdom projects that lie ahead.

But the convention is more than just a place for studios like Marvel and Warner Bros to prop up hype for their upcoming films. It’s a place for fandom to be celebrated and shared. Lego knows this and that’s why they’ve set up perhaps the coolest booth in San Diego (extreme bias alert).

We already told you about the Lego Thor statue. The fun extends beyond Marvel and to a galaxy far, far away with an impressive Luke Skywalker statute depicting him from The Last Jedi.

Just get a load of this thing:

A few thoughts here:

  • 277 hours is along ass time. You can watch the 7-film Star Wars saga roughly 18 times over in the time it took to build this.
  • Mark Hamill is actually 5’9″, meaning he’s smaller than the life size statue replica of him. Everything is better in Lego.
  • 36,700 bricks are a lot to sort through, let alone what they all weighs when combined together.

This is why we love Comic-Con. You typically think of things like Batman, Spider-Man and sci-fi/fantasy when the event comes to mind. But Lego is one of a number of companies and brands that have descended upon the convention to relish in the fandoms what we all love.

If you’re at Comic-Con and see the Luke Skywalker statue, send us over a picture on our Twitter account and we can share it with the world. Such a thing shouldn’t be sheltered, it should be spread across the globe.