Comic-Con 2017: Lego Ninjago trailer is here and it’s awesome (Video)

Lego headed to Comic-Con this year, but it brought more than just giant statutes of our favorite characters — it brought the new trailer for Lego Ninjago

Comic-Con is upon us, and now is the time for geekdom to rule. Trailers and other tidbits about our favorite franchises are pouring out of San Diego, and that extends even to Lego.

While we didn’t hear much about the upcoming Lego Movie sequel, we did get a closer look at the next Lego film release. Warner Bros has released a Comic-Con trailer for Lego Ninjago and it looks pretty awesome.

The cast for the movie, not unlike The Lego Movie, is loaded. Kumail Nanjiani, Abbi Jacobson, and Jackie Chan are a part of the cast but aren’t even the headliners. That honor goes to Dave Franco, Olivia Munn and The Leftovers star Justin Theroux.

I’ll admit that I’m not particularly huge on this lego Ninjago, but that might come with time. It’s a concept film which makes it different from The Lego Movie and even different from Lego Batman which very clearly played to a specific audience.

Then again, the target audience for the film is much younger than that of the previous two films. In those examples we had films playing to older audiences as much as younger ones — which is the case here but it’s not as well known a property to older fans.

It’s not something that should stop anyone from seeing the film, however.

Check out the Comic-Con trailer below:

The film is based on sets that already exist (surprise, surprise) but it’s a newer line. That’s probably why you might be sitting there wondering what you missed with this Ninjago stuff, but fear not.

You might have missed out on the sets, but the film will do its best to bring you in on the fun.

Lego Ninjago will hit theaters on September 22nd.