30 movies that need the Lego treatment so bad it’s wrong

Lego movies are cute, but which films would make the most inappropriate entries into the family franchise?

There are plenty of cute Lego movies out there, whether you look at Batman, Star Wars, or even the Lego Movie itself — but what about other movies that need the Lego treatment?

Which movies in your life are the most memorable? They are either coming-of-age stories, some of the classic horrors, or major franchises that aren’t always suitable for families. These movies will never get the Lego treatment. They wouldn’t work for the main target audience of Lego.

Yet there are certain movies that would make excellent Lego versions. They would give viewers the chance to remember the past and bring in a hint of their childhood.

30. The Hunger Games series

Premise of the movies: The four-movie franchise is dark and twisted. Based on a novel series, audiences were taken through a dystopian future where America was split into districts. Each district had its own tasks and lifestyle, whether they mined coal, felled trees, or even produced entertainment for the people.

The darkness to the world of Panem isn’t completely suitable for a Lego movie. There is no way that it would be suitable for small children, although it would call out to teenagers and young adults.

Why they need the Lego treatment: The Hunger Games and its three other movies could be told with brighter colors, more costumes, and bigger graphics. This would be a chance to bring more imagination than live-action can possibly create. It would also be a chance for the novel and movies to truly come together as one.

The Lego Movie turned out to be the imagination of a boy. This could work out to be the novels being literally told onscreen. There were limitations for the movie since the novel was written from the first person. Elements from the books were missed out and other parts were added in, losing some of the connection. That wouldn’t happen when told through Lego.

Fans have already made trailers with Lego. Others have cried out for The Hunger Games Lego sets to build and create. These have shown that a movie would work.

29. The Divergent franchise

Premise of the movies: Divergent is another movies series based on a set of novels. Unlike The Hunger Games, this series took some twists and made changes from the books when transferred into the movies. The main character was viewed as stronger and some of the questions raised in the books were answered throughout different stages of the movies instead of towards the end.

The movies took fans through a dystopian future of five factions. People were forced to fit in with specific traits and personalities, but there were a group of people called the “divergent” who showed elements of all and weren’t as easy to control. The “divergent” helped to bring about a collapse of the factions and a change to the world.

Why they needs the Lego treatment: The movies certainly took a different focus compared to the books. There were new storylines introduced and characters changed for the sake of storylines. A Lego treatment would help to tell the story exactly as it was in the books.

Like with The Hunger Games, the series of books were told from the first-person point of view. This created some limitations, but Lego helps to step out of those limitations. It’s another series of stories that can be told from the imagination of whoever is managing the Lego.

28. Back to the Future movies

Premise of the movies: Marty McFly travels back in time to the 1950s, where he meets his parents when they were just teenagers. He needs to find a way back home without disrupting the future too much. In subsequent movies he goes to the future and back to the Wild West, wrapping up storylines and helping him learn more about himself.

Who doesn’t love the Back to the Future movies? Everyone would love a DeLorian at their disposal.

Why they needs the Lego treatment:  Back to the Future is a child’s dream. Many people would love to travel through time and see the world and history play out as we know it. Back to the Future offered that, but also showed the problems with time travel. The issue was that technology and graphics weren’t quite where they are today.

We couldn’t see the movie series revived with different actors which would sadly have to be the case for multiple reasons. However, a Lego movie would allow better graphics, more creative futures, and both Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd to voice the characters.

It’s already possible to get the Back to the Future DeLorian in a Lego set. Now is the perfect time to recreate the movie and bring the past to life again.

27. Suicide Squad

Premise of the movie: Suicide Squad was the chance to bring the villains of the DC world together on screen. Harley Quinn, The Joker, Deadshot, and more joined forces to help save the world. It was an interesting concept, but not one that completely worked out. Many fans excited for the movie weren’t too happy that the movie was mostly focused on the relationship between Harley Quinn and The Joker.

Why it needs the Lego treatment: The Supervillains have already made their way in Lego form. Lego Batman saw The Joker, Harley Quinn, and many more attempt to take down Bruce Wayne once and for all. It didn’t work, but it certainly opened the door for a Suicide Squad creation.

Because Suicide Squad was slightly underwhelming, a Lego treatment would help to repair some of the damage. Fans would get the chance to see how it should have worked; how the team should have worked together.

Graphics were good, but animation helps to create something better. There’s more imagination that can be thrown in, making monsters really come to life. Lego superheroes have a habit of being cutesy, but when focused on the villains, there’s a chance to go darker and grittier. Something that has never really been done. Suicide Squad would be the perfect storyline to start with that to see the reaction.

26. The Bond franchise

Premise of the movies: Trying to go into the premise of the movies would be difficult. The Bond franchise has seen multiple actors in the role, focused on different storylines, and spanned multiple generations.

James Bond (007) is the lead role in the series. He’s an MI6 spy, who is known for his womanizing, misogynistic ways. He thinks he knows best, even though some of his decisions lead him into more trouble than originally in. This is a man who is easily fooled by a beautiful woman, but also one who will put Queen and country first when necessary.

What they need the Lego treatment: Bond is gritty and dark. It’s one of those movies that makes you see the darkness and evil in the world. Also, it’s based on a novel series. Creating movies out of books leads to limitations, but Lego helps to get rid of that. We’ve already mentioned The Hunger Games and Divergent would get rid of some of the limitations.

Lego Bond would help to get rid of issues of nudity and scenes that are usually left to the imagination in movies. It would show Bond’s life in full.

Plus there’s the fact that people are calling for it. Lego Bond sets are already available and plenty of fans have recreated trailers, movies, and scenes. It’s time to get a legitimate version.

25. Deadpool

Premise of the movie: This R-rated movie was the most controversial creation of 2016. Some parents expected a fun superhero movie for their kids, only to get an anti-hero movie with sex and foul language.

The movie told the story of Wade Wilson, a former Special Forces operative and now a mercenary. After finding the love of his life, he learns that he has cancer. Rather than die, he goes through experimental treatment that leaves him disfigured but with some serious super powers. His quest is one of revenge and for treatment, but it takes him down a dark, anti-hero path.

Why it needs the Lego treatment: Deadpool is the only superhero that hasn’t shown up in the Lego universe yet. All the others have been included, but Deadpool is continually overlooked. He’s one of the best, never really fighting for what’s right but for what he wants. There’s a selfish element that touches on some of the actions that most humans would do if found with super powers.

On top of that, Deadpool is a comedic genius. He speaks his mind and doesn’t care who he offends. Adults loved the chance to see a superhero movie made just for them. They’d jump at the chance of a Lego movie created purely for their entertainment.

24. Fast & the Furious franchise

Premise of the movies: Fast & the Furious has come a long way since its original conception. While the movies still continue, they’ve lost sight of the first three. It was all about fast cars and how even in gangs there’s a code and a family.

The movies aren’t afraid to touch on dark subjects. Many of the storylines focus on illegal street races, heists, and other illegal activities.

Why they need the Lego treatment: Sadly, while Fast & the Furious continues, it is without one actor who helped create the franchise. Paul Walker passed away during the filming of the seventh movie. The eighth just wasn’t the same without him, even though the franchise did attempt to move on.

Lego would help to tell the stories the way they should have been with Walker’s character. It would have a chance to keep characters in that couldn’t be included in future movies. And there’s a chance to create better races, more daring stunts, and less realistic storylines because that’s the fun of Lego!

This is another franchise where fans have already recreated scenes through Lego. They’d jump at the chance to see something legitimate happen on the big or small screen.

23. Basketball Diaries

Premise of the movie: Basketball Diaries is a coming of age story, featuring the legendary Leonardo DiCaprio. It was actually one of his first movies, showing his range of acting and his willingness to play dark and semi-unlikable roles.

The movie also tells the twisted story of drugs and prostitution. DiCaprio plays the lead character Jim Carroll, who showed the talent to become a basketball star. Heroin soon takes over, and he goes down the path of an addict, doing anything he can to score his next hit.

Why it needs the Lego treatment: Coming of age stories aren’t always ponies and rainbows. Basketball Diaries is just one that shows the darker side of life. A kid who should have been on the straight-and-narrow path gives into drugs and alcohol, as he struggles with an overbearing coach. He learns how he has to survive, as he continues down his dark path.

We know that Basketball Diaries would never be an appropriate Lego movie for kids, but it would bring the movie back to the forefront of minds for adults. It’s one that has been semi-lost in time, with its slightly smaller budget and age. DiCaprio fans can easily overlook some of his earlier, astounding work. Lego would help to retell the story, with bigger graphics and a revisited script, while still bringing some of the same feelings and fears within the original movies.

22. Watership Down

Premise of the movie:  Watership Down is one of the saddest children’s movies of all time. The movie tells the story of Fiver and seven other rabbits, who leave their home after a vision of the end. They go in search for a new home, meeting obstacles and dangers along the way. Viewers are taken through the highs and lows of finding and creating a new warren, meeting new friends and enemies along the way.

Why it needs the Lego treatment: There have been many complaints from parents about Watership Down over the years. It’s viewed as a movie that would scare and traumatize children, despite being rated for them. It’s also already animated, making it clear that this is supposed to be for children.

Creating a Lego version would help to retell the story, without the guts and gore. It would help to add a lighter element, helping to keep children’s fears at bay. There is also the chance that the fate of some of the characters, such as Woundwort, could be shared. Lego has the ability to quickly cut to a character without distracting too much from the story.

21. Borat

Premise of the movie: Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (or as it is more commonly known as Borat) is about a Kazakhstan TV spokesperson called Borat who heads to the United States to study and report on what he believes is the greatest country in the world.

He, along with his documentary crew, however, end up getting slightly off track as it turns out Borat has only thing really on his mind. Finding and marrying Pamela Anderson.

Why it needs the Lego treatment: Borat was hilarious when it first came out back in 2006 and if a Lego adoption was created back, it would have been just as (if not more) funny. However, the change in political nature over the last years would help to build on the idea of Borat in the United States.

Rather than being a straight remake, the movie could be a sequel: imagine Borat Returns: 10 Years On. Sketches involving Borat meeting and discussing very hot topics, such as Gay rights, immigration and more could easily be included. We could even have a sketch of Lego Borat meeting Lego Trump or Lego George Bush where they discuss possible oil in Kazakhstan.

It probably wouldn’t last very long though as he probably wouldn’t get past border control anymore.

20. 21 Jump Street

Premise of the movie: The awesome 2012 comedy movie (based on the hit TV series) stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. 21 Jump Street is about two really REALLY bad cops who, because of how young they look, are sent undercover to a high school to find and bring down a drug ring.

Of course, nothing goes to plan and they end up doing everything completely but stupidly wrong. The movie was so successful that a second movie 22 Jump Street was created where the pair goes to college instead. After all, they now look too old to pass off as high school kids.

Why it need the Lego treatment: There is nothing that isn’t Lego-worthy in this movie. Just the fact that Tatum and Hill star in the two Jump Street movies should be enough to convince anyone a Lego adaptation is required. The two played Superman and Green Lantern in The Lego Movie and Lego Batman. There are plenty of ways that those two characters could be brought into Lego Jump Street.

One of those is based on the credits at the end of 22 Jump Street. The credits show the next selection of Jump Street movies (that we know could never happen, but we’d love to see them). In the Lego world, the credits could build and adapt into the various worlds created through the Lego franchises. Just some ideas for adaptations include 36 Jump Street: Military School or 28 Jump Street: Veterinary School. Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and even the superheroes could easily show up in the various “sequels.”

19. Wolf of Wall Street

Premise of the movie: Wolf of Wall Street is based on the true story of stockbroker Jordan Belfort. Initially dabbling in the world of penny stocks, Belfort realizes his ability to encourage people to buy stocks that are actually worthless. As he becomes rich and famous, he also falls into crime and corruption.

The movie was a majorly controversial movie, with many feeling like it glorified criminal activity. It was also a movie that Leonardo DiCaprio should have gained an Oscar for but didn’t due to other movies released at the time.

Why it needs the Lego treatment: Lego has never been afraid of pushing boundaries and setting new limits. A Lego version of Wolf of Wall Street would certainly do that. There would also be excellent fourth wall moments, with jokes of DiCaprio’s lack of Oscar at the time. One way of doing this would be a countdown of all the times DiCaprio should have received an Oscar, similar to the way Alfred went through the previous Batman phases in Lego Batman.

The movie would show Lego money being thrown around. Would it look like real dollar bills or would Lego have its own currency?

18. The Matrix

Premise of the movie: The Matrix, created in 1999, still has some convinced to this very day that we are all living in an alternate reality. This is a franchise, but it’s the first movie that is by far the best and most successful.

The Matrix follows the story of computer hacker Neo, who learns that the world he lives in isn’t real. In the real world, everyone is connected to machines. Our world is an alternate and computer generated reality to make us enjoy some of life. Learning about the real world is just the first stage for Neo, as he learns he is The One to lead the war between the resistance and the machines.

Why it needs the Lego treatment: Lego would offer a different version of the two worlds within The Matrix. The Lego world is the one created by the humans, who control everything that the Lego people say and do. It would take on a similar aspect to The Lego Movie, which turned out to be a young boy’s imagination.

It’s very uncommon to see animation and live action together. Lego opens the door in a way that is easy to understand and follow. The movie would take the computer and science out of The Matrix and add in imagination and creativity.

17. American Pie

Premise of the movie: American Pie was the movie that would kick start a six-movie franchise that had almost every teenager laughing out loud during every moment. It was a coming of age tale about a group of teenage boys who wanted to lose their virginity by prom night.

You’d be hard pushed to find someone who hasn’t watched at least the first movie. That first one is still by far the best and shows the tale of true friendship. After all, none of them are going to let each other fail in the pact.

What follows is a guide to ‘how not to do things’ involving failed to chat up lines, an incident with laxatives, and a weirdly odd scene with a warm apple pie.

Why it needs the Lego treatment: A Lego version would need to hold true to the original story and keep the tone of the movie, adding some of with its own Lego-style jokes along the way. Think of a story on how the Lego characters are supposed to lose their virginity without certain parts.

But why this movie in particular? It’s the iconic coming of age movie of the late 90s and early 00s. It’s a teen comedy that no other movie has been able to replicate yet. Any remake would be an embarrassment, except for one that poked fun through the use of Lego.

16. Ted

Premise of the movie: Ted is the cuddly teddy bear that every adult wishes they had. This 2012 adult comedy is about John Bennet, played by Mark Wahlberg, who made a wish that his teddy bear would come to life. Sure enough, the wish came true and that beloved bear called Ted, voiced by Seth MacFarlane, would become his best friend.

Ted is definitely not child-friendly. The bear grows up as John does. He’s foul-mouthed, a smoker, drinker, and drug addict, and is definitely not afraid to tell people what he thinks.

The movie centers on the need to grow up. Mila Kunis stars as Lori, John’s girlfriend, who makes him choose between her or the bear. It doesn’t go well, and she soon realizes that life wouldn’t quite be the same without the teddy in her life.

Why it needs the Lego treatment: While it definitely wouldn’t be suitable for kids, Lego Ted would be the perfect comedy for adults. It would show the story from a slightly different view: toys with a human best friend. After all, Ted is a stuffed toy in the world of humans, so humans in the world of plastic toys makes sense.

If Ted was to be Lego, would he be round or square? Could he be a different toy altogether, like Duplo?

There would definitely be room for other movies and universes. While Ted focused on Flash Gordon, there are many other superheroes, TV and movie characters, and more that could turn up.

15. Trainspotting

Premise of the movie: The most famous and watched movie in Scotland, Trainspotting follows the tale of Renton, a heroin addict who is attempting to clean himself up. Set in Edinburgh, the drug-immersed movie shows the highs and lows of drug addiction and the path to sobriety. It touches on the effects and risks of drugs, and just how hard it can be for a former addict to remain clean.

Why it needs the Lego treatment: A Lego version of Trainspotting could be very dark if it follows the actual storyline. A lighter storyline could be created. The Lego version is needed for the many actors who show up in the original version.

Rather than drugs, the Lego treatment could show the hoarding of Lego bricks or even a sticker addition. There could be an addiction to building and creating new things. Then there’s the ability to have fun with the actors in the movie. The movie features the likes of Ewan McGregor, Kevin McKidd, and Robert Carlyle.

There’s the chance to see Renton (McGregor) dressing up as a Jedi in an attempt to overcome his hoarding habit. McKidd’s character could be rushed to the hospital where a hot intern performs surgery. One voiced by Carlyle could include moments of being high and seeing Rumplestiltskin or him doing the full Monty. The opportunities are endless.

14. The Exorcist

Premise of the movie: The Exorcist is a movie that was once banned in movie theaters. It was the stuff of nightmares for many in the 70s and caused controversy over its religious connotations. However, it has become one of the most iconic horror movies in history, recently being adapted for TV.

The movie tells the tale of a young girl called Regan, who begins acting oddly and worrying her mother. When her mother can’t find out what’s wrong with her, a priest visits and believes that Regan has been possessed by the devil. The only option to save her is through an exorcism.

Why it needs the Lego treatment: The Exorcism included some extremely good cinematography for the time. Lego would make it all go one step further. Twisting heads, crab walking down the stairs, and projectile vomiting would be easily recreated with the animation. And who wouldn’t want to see what Lego projectile vomit looks like?

The Lego version could also add some humor to the movie, instead of making it all satanic and scary. Instead of the devil, Lego could create its own evil creature in the depths of hell. It could even be a human trying to destroy the Lego world or even a creature from the Planet Duplo.

The most recent TV series hasn’t been the best adaptation of the movie. In fact, nothing would ever meet the movie’s expectations, except a fun version of Lego.

13. Final Destination

Premise of the movie: Final Destination has become a five-movie franchise, but it’s the first one that is most remember. Not only did it start the franchise, but it’s considered the best. All the rest become predictable messes.

The idea of the movie is that you can’t cheat death. When Alex Browning has a vision of his plane to France exploding, he and a few of his classmates get off. After the plane does actually explode, the group of teens has to figure out what to do next. To make matters worse, they are all dying one-by-one. Alex realizes that the deaths are in the order they were sitting in on the plane. You can’t cheat death but you can make it skip a person; only death will roll back around eventually.

Why it needs the Lego treatment: First of all, could you image a Lego plane crumbling to Lego pieces? Creating Final Destination as a Lego movie would be extremely easy and funny to watch. There would be many ways to kill the Lego characters, including Lego heads just spinning around and around on top of the body after being hit by the train.

The whole franchise could be recreated with humor, but only the first movie is necessary. Just enough to show us how it should have been done.

12. Poltergeist franchise

Premise of the movies: There are very few movies that will make you afraid of the things under your bed or that you can’t see, but Poltergeist is one of them. The 1982 movie spawned sequels, remakes, and movies that connected to the basic premise of evil spirits causing harm.

When the Freelings move into a new home, spirits start talking to them through their television sets. Initially, the ghosts are friendly and playful, but things soon take a scary twist when the youngest in the family, five-year-old Carol Ann, goes missing. The family have to invest in a parapsychologist to find out where the little girl has gone and somehow get her back.

Why they need the Lego treatment: While Poltergeist is certainly creepy, there are ways to work around that. The Lego Movie created the space in Emmett’s brain, so a plane specifically to keep Carol Ann and for the poltergeists could certainly be created quickly. This would allow more focus on how Carol Ann is saved from the ghosts.

Throughout the movie, toys and other inanimate objects are used by the poltergeist to hold the Freeling family back while attempting to kidnap Carol Ann. Could you imagine Lego creations being built and used instead? Plenty of franchises could be used to create this part of the storyline, including Doctor Who’s Daleks and the Justice League of America.

11. Gone Girl

Premise of the movie: Based on the novel of the same name, Gone Girl tells the story of Nick and Amy Dunnes. In the public eye, they look like they have the perfect marriage, but that view soon shatters. When Amy goes missing, the police instantly suspect Nick and start unraveling the deceit and mystery behind closed doors.

It’s a tale of secrets and lies, delving deep into the minds of those hurt and betrayed. The movie also makes it clear that evidence isn’t always so cut and dry in a “murder” trial.

Why it needs the Lego treatment: It’s only a new movie, but that is just one notch against it for the Lego treatment. There are so many others.

Could you imagine Nick’s past being explored with questions about his Batman days? For those querying this, Nick is played by Ben Affleck. There could even be Daredevil connects within the movie, especially with the fact that there’s an attorney character.

Then there’s always Neil Patrick Harris’ connection to Batman, with his character Music Meister in Batman: The Brave and Bold. This opens further abilities to combine franchises to deepen the story and offer another connection between the characters other than Amy.

10. Reservoir Dogs

Premise of the movie: If you haven’t seen Reservoir Dogs then you’re missing out. I originally thought it was going to be military based, but it focused on a group of men on a heist gone wrong. It turns into an ambush, as one of the men in the group is an undercover cop. Soon they all turn on each other, trying to figure out who is the real enemy.

Directed by Quentin Tarantino, the movie has gone down to be one of the classics, despite being released in 1992. One of the biggest benefits is that none of the guys have names. They’re known by colors, which plays into the idea of a Lego movie.

Why it needs the Lego treatment: It would be extremely easy to create a comedic version through the individual character costumes. Instead of matching the characters in the movies, the Lego characters would be dressed in their colors.

The movie was also told with two timelines, which works for the Lego world. Clips of the story of the heist gone wrong can be shown in quick succession, similarly to the way Lego Batman showed quick snippets of the variations of Batman.

A Lego version could also have fun with creating diamonds, showing Lego blood, and developing a storyline for the heist (something purposely never seen in the show). Maybe the questionable ending could even be answered.

9. Friday the 13th

Premise of the movies: Who doesn’t know Jason, the hockey mask wearing serial killer? Friday the 13th was one of the first slasher flicks, helping to create the genre and pushed it forward year upon year. There have been countless sequels, with some mixing other horror movies for fun.

The original movie told the story of a young boy who had drowned while on summer camp because of the lack of care from the camps’ adults. The boy’s mother would kill young adults, with the belief that her son was telling her to. Jason actually didn’t show up until the second movie!

Why they need the Lego treatment: Friday the 13th took on the feel of Psycho, where it was someone killing believing they were directed by someone who was dead. Lego would open the world of the horror, show more flashbacks, memories, and storytelling to further develop the complicated feelings felt in the first movie.

The Lego treatment is the only way to continue the franchise. It’s slowly dying out, but the original movies remain popular. There was an attempt to reboot the movies in 2009, but it just didn’t work out as too many people were loyal to the originals.

A Lego movie would give a new take and help to bring the tale of Jason back to life. It would help to reboot the franchise without the fear of inadequacy.

8. Alien franchise

Premise of the movies: The Alien franchise started with just one single movie, which instantly received critical acclaim. In the original movie, a team wakes up from cryo-sleep in the middle of their journey to hear a distress call from an alien vessel. On the vessel, they find alien eggs and soon gain more than they bargained for.

The movie may have come earlier than it did if it wasn’t for movie studios having little hope in the sci-fi genre. It was Star Wars that saved that.

Why they need the Lego treatment: Since the creation in the 1970s, Alien has already spawned multiple sequels, books, games, and much more. The only thing missing is a Lego version of the movie. It has to happen, right?

The benefit of Lego is that the story can stay largely the same without feeling like the original movie is ruined. In fact, many of the original actors could take up the voices of their original roles. There’s a chance to create a bigger and better monster, even bringing in other similar franchises into the mix. After all, Star Wars and the superheroes have already proven that introducing other franchises and mixing genres work.

This would be a chance to do something with Alien that has never been done before. That’s hard to say now considering just how much has happened over the last almost 40 years.

7. Halloween series

Premise of the movies: When you think of the original horror movies, chances are Friday the 13th isn’t the only one you think of. Halloween is another, with Michael Myers haunting streets. The original movies were scary, twisted, and stuff of nightmares. Some of the sequels weren’t as great and the reboot attempt in 2007 just wasn’t good enough.

The original movie told the story of Laurie Strode, who had to flee Michael as he attempted to kill her. Over the course of the movie, Laurie’s story was explained and her connection to Michael revealed.

However, it’s time for a new creation with Michael Myers as the man to be afraid of. This could come in the form of Lego.

Why they need the Lego treatment: Lego allows for more exploration of Michael. There’s a chance to see what he’s thinking and his time in the psychiatric unit. This would be a chance to show what he really wants to achieve while killing innocent people.

There is also the comedic element of recreating storylines with Lego. It’s easier to pull Lego body parts off, creating a spoof of the horror movie instead of getting too dark and gritty.

If a true horror was needed, Lego would be the perfect option. The animation opens the door for more gore and blood. It creates the opportunity to step into the world that live action just hasn’t been able to, even with the adaptations of CGI. Fans also don’t have to rely on the acting within the movie, as the animation tells the full story. There is more chance of a reboot success.

6. The Omen

Premise of the movie: The Omen told the tale of Damien, the spawn of Satan. After his wife suffers a stillbirth, American diplomat Robert chooses to adopt a young boy without a mother. He later learns that this young boy is actually the Antichrist and the world is in danger.

There were sequels to the movie, but not quite struck the fear that the original did. For 1976, the movie brought to life the fear of religion and the supernatural.

Why it needs the Lego treatment: While The Omen is an excellent horror, there are easily some comedic elements. A live action spoof wouldn’t quite work in the way that a Lego version would. It’s certainly been long enough since the original movie to create a reboot now.

Lego offers the ability to build more into the supernatural aspects. There is the chance to add something spookier and even show the thought process for Damien as the acts are carried out. Some of the movies also go into backstory, Bible verses, and theories, which could all play out in quick flashes rather than leaving people attempting to follow some of the sometimes deeply spiritual storylines.

5. Cruel Intentions

Premise of the movie: Cruel Intentions was another coming of age story with Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Reese Witherspoon. It focused on Sebastian and Kathryn, step-siblings with a passion for each other. They bet on Sebastian taking Annette’s virtue after she writes an article about how she will remain a virgin until marriage.

Sebastian takes on the bet but slowly falls in love with the woman. There were two more movies in the franchise, but neither worked out as well as the original and had none of the original cast.

Why it needs the Lego treatment: It’s been a long time since the original movie premiered. There were certainly plenty of plot holes and missing story lines. Fans wondered what had become of Annette after she left the city and what happened to Kathryn after being caught with the drugs. Audiences were also disappointed at the bittersweet ending.

A Lego version would give the chance for a fully happy ending for Sebastian and Annette. Annette would be able to learn how she had changed Sebastian from him rather than his journal. There would be a chance to explore some of the side stories, while also including a few flashbacks here and there. Lego movies have always worked well with the odd flashes of thoughts and memories.

4. Ghostbusters

Premise of the movie: The original Ghostbusters in 1984 was a supernatural comedy about three parapsychologists. They help to rid New York City of the ghosts haunting people. Of course nobody initially believes that there are ghosts, but that doesn’t stop the three men working as a team to get things done.

The movie was remade in 2016 with an all-female lead cast (and Chris Hemsworth as the dumb secretary). It wasn’t exactly widely appreciated, which moves us into the reason the Lego treatment is needed.

Why it needs the Lego treatment: The original Ghostbusters was fun. Who didn’t love watching Bill Murray run around with a gun that could kill ghosts? It was the perfect comedy for the time. The remake attempted to make it more modern, but nothing could top the comedic genius of the original movie.

Well, that is except Lego. A Lego version of the movie (not just the sets we’ve seen) would help to keep the comedic elements and could bring in more fun, humor, and a modern day twist without going over the top. The supernatural elements would be much easier to create. There are already Lego sets, so it wouldn’t be that hard to create a movie version of the original movie.

There would even be an opportunity to blend the two movie versions together. A mixture of male and female parapsychologist saving the world.

3. Saw franchise

Premise of the movies: Saw introduced the idea of Jigsaw, a man who would put people in life or death situations. There was always a way out of the trap, but you had to be willing to go through pain and loss to get through it. Jigsaw used a series of traps and games to teach people a lesson, whether it was because they refused to pay out life insurance to sick men, kept silent while people lied, or cheated on the boyfriends with other men.

Throughout the seven movies, audiences watched in horror as new people would land themselves in games. Some would survive but the majority would perish.

Why they need the Lego treatment: The movies certainly need the Lego treatment. The use of Lego could help to create some slightly more light-hearted storylines and put the humor into the death scenes. Could you imagine Lego characters losing arms, legs, and even hair? Rather than go through pain, the characters would unclip a part of their body. They could disconnect to make sure people were saved from various torture devices.

Jigsaw’s games would be ruined. It would be fun to see the looks on his Lego face when characters don’t quite learn the lessons he’d hoped for.

2. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Premise of the movies: There are certain movies that will cause nightmares. A Nightmare on Elm Street is just one of them. It’s probably the biggest one of all. The initial movie spawned into a series of sequels and reboots, each developing the idea that even in your dreams you’re not safe from a serial killer.

Audiences watched in terror as people died in their dreams. Freddy Krueger would haunt the children of those who had killed him, killing them off one by one. The only way people could keep themselves safe was to stay awake, and there was only so much time until you would need to sleep.

Why they need the Lego treatment: A Lego version of A Nightmare on Elm Street would be horrific, but it’s definitely something many would watch. There’s a chance for darkness and fear in every scene. With it all being animation and Lego, it’s possible to make the dream sequences bigger, better, and scarier. Nothing is off limits when it comes to Lego movies.

There have been reboot attempts for the Freddy Krueger movies, but none are as good as the original trilogy. It’s time for something to overshadow them all and make sure A Nightmare on Elm Street never loses its spot as the scariest horror movie ever.

1. Shawshank Redemption

Premise of the movie: Shawshank Redemption was a movie based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. It was a tale of a potentially innocent man, Andy Dufresne, sent to prison for two consecutive life sentences for the murder of his wife and her lover. Told from the point of view of a fellow in-mate Red, the audience is taken through the prison world and the peculiar interests in posters Andy has.

While the movie answers a few questions, it never once answers whether Andy actually did kill his wife or not. Sure, Andy says he didn’t, but what man would admit to it while in prison? The audience also never finds out exactly how Andy escaped, except through the tunnel he’d dug from his cell.

Why it needs the Lego treatment: This is one of the most iconic movies of the 1990s. Starring Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins, it’s a movie full of twists, turns, and questions. It would make the perfect movie with a Lego feel.

The actual movie (and book) is set in the 1940s and 1950s. Lego would be able to bring the time period forward if it wanted, although that wouldn’t be necessary. There would be the chance to tell a modern day prison escape movie, with far more creative freedom.

Shawshank Redemption was a disappointing movie at the box office, despite performing extremely well since then. A Lego version would put things right in that aspect. Who wouldn’t see Morgan Freeman voice another Lego character?

Do you agree with this list? Which inappropriate movies do you think need the Lego treatment? Share your thoughts in the comments below.