Justice League trailer gets the Lego treatment (Video)

The Justice League trailer from Comic-Con has finally been given the Lego treatment — and the results are pretty darn cool.

We’re just months away from the release of Justice League, which might be the most undersold blockbuster of the year. Maybe it’s because the track history of DC’s movies has been about as notable as a duck fart, or maybe it’s because they don’t know what the movie is yet and can’t blitz a marketing campaign.

Either way, the marketing campaign is starting to rachet up which means more material for the world to Lego-ize. That’s the case with the Comic-Con trailer that dropped last month and has since been released to the world. It’s packed with a ton of new footage, all of which is still desperately trying to convince us that the DCEU can be as fun as Marvel.

Anyone else sensing a Lego vs. Mega Bloks debate?

Anyways, here’s a look at the Lego trailer for Justice League:

For reference (and context) here’s the original trailer from Comic-Con:

Frankly, anything is better than what we’ve seen so far. That’s a bit unfair to say since we haven’t actually seen the film but all the context we have to work with (which is everything other than Wonder Woman) doesn’t bode well for our expectations of Justice League. 

That being said, adding Lego to the mix is never a bad thing.

We’re hoping that Justice League can continue what Wonder Woman started in correcting course for DC, but given all that has happened it’s a tall order. Lego can only fix so much, as this is a fun little spin-off of the marketing and not support of the finished product itself.

Justice League will hit theaters in November, over a month before The Last Jedi inevitably washed the sour taste from our mouths.