This might be what that massive Star Wars Lego set will be

Signs continue to point towards the massive Star Wars Lego set coming October 1st will be a set we’ve already seen — except bigger.

*Caution: There might be spoilers ahead. Not really about The Last Jedi, but in this day and age I feel like we need a spoiler tag for everything, including the reveal of a Lego set we have no clue about outside of speculation*

Earlier this month, Lego teased its biggest set we’ve ever seen. To add to the fun, it revealed that it will be a Star Wars set. However, it’s not dropping with all of the other Force Friday sales that will occur in September and will instead hit shelves a month later.

All of this instantly sparked speculation about what the set will be since it’s clearly not directly tied to the Last Jedi merch marketing. If you don’t want to know what it is until it’s officially revealed, then stop here. If you don’t care — since we can’t confirm with any sort of certainty what the set is — continue on.

Signs everywhere seem to point towards this set being an Ultimate Collector edition of the new Millennium Falcon. The original UCS of the Falcon hit back in 2007 and has since become one of the most popular Lego sets ever. It also happens to have one of the most pieces, a mark that is apparently going to be topped.

Lego teased the set again on Tuesday, and the colors seem to match up with rumors that it’s going to be Millennium Falcon-centric.

Redditors were quick to notice the color scheme and cross-reference that with a video code tag that was attached to the original tease video.

Credit: Reddit

The MF — which, given the scope of this set could mean the other thing you were thinking it abbreviates — likely stands for Millennium Falcon. The UCS obviously stands for Ultimate Collectors Set.

We’ve known for a while that this was likely going to be the set that we get, but there hasn’t been an official announcement. There have been leaks of prices (not cheap ones) one foreign shopping sites that outed the Falcon as being the set, so the evidence is mounting.

Until Lego says anything though, we’ll just need to continue using the force to guide our speculation.