NBA player Kent Bazemore rediscovered a love of Lego this summer

Let us be the first to welcome the Atlanta Hawks guard back into the Lego community.

With less than a month until the start of the NBA season — and less than a week until the start of preseason games — we’re getting lots of fun basketball content, including but not limited to stories about how players have spent their off-season. For Atlanta Hawks guard Kent Bazemore, that apparently involved a lot of Lego.

According to KL Chouinard reporting from the Hawks’ media day, Bazemore shared that a summer visit to Legoland with his niece rekindled the player’s love of Lego. He’s been building with the bricks a lot in recent weeks and prefers “big unstructured boxes to fixed projects with instructions.”

To which we say, welcome back, Kent! The Lego fandom is always here for you and we’re happy to provide you with recommendations for boxes. If we can be nosy, we’d also love to see what he’s been building. A cursory review of his Instagram reveals no clues.

(Lest you are quick to holler “stick to sports” — which admittedly would be odd coming from a Lego fan community — Bazemore was responding to a question, also per Chouinard, about what people might be surprised to learn about him.)

Bazemore first became a beloved cult NBA figure (“The Bazed God“) on the pre-super team Golden State Warriors, where he was best known for his bench celebrations. Now, he’s an occasional starter for the Hawks, facing off against his supervillain former teammates on the court.

The revived Lego enthusiast had a busy summer, too. In addition to rediscovering the joy of Lego, Bazemore hosted an Uno tournament and received a community service award from the city of Atlanta. He also got married!

Congratulations to Bazemore on what sounds like a delightful and successful summer. We look forward to future updates on his Lego building and we hope his announcement encourages more NBA Lego fans to come forward.