Someone has already Lego-ized the poster for The Last Jedi (Photo)

It took no time at all, as someone has already Lego-ized for the latest The Last Jedi.

The world is still buzzing over the latest trailer for Star Wars The Last Jedi. Mostly, it seems the Porgs were the big winners, but overall Star Wars fans everywhere are still grinning wide over what they saw and the endless speculation what will consume our lives for the next two months.

In addition to not being able to shut up about our theories about the trailer (I mean that in the most non-negative way possible), fans have been quick to use their creativity to channel their excitement for the upcoming film.

For starters, someone has already Lego-ized the poster for The Last Jedi.

Given how creative the Lego community is, this isn’t surprising at all. In fact, the first thing I did the morning after the trailer was released was search for a Lego-ized version of it. I didn’t find one, but you know it’s coming and that fills me with so much joy as a Lego lover that it’s hard to describe it.

Something else we saw in the movie was the Lego sets we’ve come to build and love over the last month, in action. From the Walkers to the Tie Fighter squadron with Kylo Ren, the trailer offered up more Lego crossover than we were willing to initially admit.

With The Last Jedi still two months away from being released, we can likely count on there being plenty more Lego versions of the advertisements as they are rolled out. Just wait for the movie to come out, that’s when fans will be getting really creative in recreating moments from the movie for us to all enjoy.