What’s our opinion of the new Star Wars BrickHeadz?

Lego is releasing two new Star Wars The Last Jedi BrickHeadz ahead of next month’s major film release.

We’re just one month away from the much-anticipated release of Star Wars The Last Jedi, and Lego is celebrating the occasion. No, it’s not fixing the UCS Millenium Falcon problem that the company had, rather we’re seeing the release of a pair of new Star Wars-themed BrickHeadz for collectors to go out and get.

The two new figures, unsurprisingly, are of Kylo Ren and Rey. It’s being billed as a limited edition pack and continues the growing line of Star Wars BrickHeadz.

Check them out below:

Having Star Wars toys release after Force Friday isn’t something that we really thought about, but here we are. The story here will likely be more about how Lego traditionalists aren’t interested in collecting these figures. The thrill of Lego is in the build, and without that you really only have a toy — which is often what Lego gets called by those who don’t fully understand it.

The increase in BrickHeadz is a direct response to the popularity of collector items like Funko POP! figures, which are always a hit at conventions. Lego has followed in these footsteps by releasing exclusive BrickHeadz at events like Comic-Con and other conventions where fandoms come together to celebrate the thing they love.

We don’t have anything against BrickHeadz, but if the choice was up to us we’d be in favor of handing out exclusive sets instead of collectibles that take the thrill out of the build.