Fandom 250: Lego fans have been named one of the best fandoms in the world

Lego fans have been named to this year’s Fandom 250, making it one of the best fanbases in the world.

For the second straight year, Lego fans have been bestowed one of the best honors in the world. In a pop culture bubble where things like Game of Thrones and the NFL are king, it’s hard for fandoms to stand out — especially when comparing Lego fandom to those other much more mainstream followings.

FanSided took it upon its editorial panel to try and sort out global fandoms and rank which ones belong where. It’s an annual event, and the Fandom 250 is a celebration of fanbases in the world of sports and entertainment. Their panel ranked the best fandoms in the world, and Lego fans once again made the cut.

We slipped down a few spots from last year (down 43 slots), but we’re still in the Top 130. Keep in mind this is a ranking of fandoms from around the world and only 250 make it onto the final list. So just the fact that Lego fans made it is amazing, let alone getting a ranking this high.

Here are a few fandoms Lego fans outranked this year:

  • Oprah (131)
  • Justin Timberlake (132)
  • The Simpsons (134)
  • Wisconsin Badgers (138)

Okay, we outranked freaking Oprah. That’s amazing and shows that Lego is still as powerful a fandom as it’s ever been.

It’s a generational thing that is passed down from adult builder to child builder, and has helped foster creativity in everyone of all ages. You’re never too old for Lego and that’s why the fandom is as powerful as it is.

For the record, Lego was voted by the fans as the No. 2 in the ‘Other’ category, ranking just below UFC. For those who think that Lego is a thing of the past, that right there tells you the type of relevant company it keeps.