Is Lego bringing back discontinued sets? The company speaks out

Fans of Lego have often wondered where they could get their hands on discontinued products. However, Lego is now speaking out about it.

Fans of LEGO are often eager to sit down and create their favorite items, whether it means following instructions from an instructions guide or letting the imagination run wild. Whenever LEGO releases a new product, fans rush to get their hands on it.

Some products are only ideal to create because of the context of the product. If a new Harry Potter movie is coming out, it’s ideal to have the product available shortly after the movie’s release. It wouldn’t make sense to release the products before or years after the product.

Harry Potter may be a bad example as the movie franchise continues to make money in terms of movie sales on iTunes, book purchases, e-books, audiobooks and even spin-off movies, such as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. However, when it comes to LEGO, old sets may just stay in the past.

When a LEGO fan asked the company on Twitter about old sets, the company replied that they had no plans on recreating old sets again. If it was out of production, it was likely to stay out of production.

In the tweet, LEGO explained that the company is always looking to the future for new ideas and allowing more and different fans the opportunity to join the world that is LEGO. Not everyone is a Star Wars fan or wants to build things that are related to Harry Potter. Creating a new product is perfect for Lego fans too as they aren’t bored with the same old products being released.

What do you think of LEGO’s answer? Is there a product you’d like to see return?