LEGO brings fairy tales to life in new product coming in November

If LEGO Star Wars isn’t your thing, then you may dig Lego’s new product. It’s all about bringing fairy tales to life for your kids.

LEGO has done it again. While the building blocks are all about imagination, it sounds like the company wants to show you what they can do with building blocks and the fairy tales children know and love.

In November, the company will release a brand new product that allows people to play out their favorite fairy tales or create their own ones. The product is a brand new pop-up book based on the LEGO ideas fan design by Grand Davis and Jason Allemann.

You can see a preview of the product below. Needless to say, the product is already exciting a lot of LEGO fans, who can’t wait to get the product.

As revealed in the tweet by LEGO IDEAS, the product is available from today, November 1. While users can purchase the product wherever they get LEGOs, it may be worth noting that many fans are excited about this purchase and there could be a delay on it.

If you are looking for Christmas presents, this one is perfect for Lego fans as it gives people a link back to their childhood. For those who love books and stories, the pop-up book is perfect as it not only allows customers to create a specified fairy tale but also allows them to create their own, going with LEGOs own mission statement of creativity.

It really is a product that can work for both boys and girls, children and adults. And LEGO IDEAS’ official Twitter account appears eager to see the products created by fans.

Will you pick up the fairy tales pop-up book?