Flying LEGO sets? Yup, thanks to drones it is possible

Can LEGOs fly? Yes, thanks to drones, it’s not possible to combine new technology and LEGOs to create something amazing.

It’s amazing what can be done with LEGOs these days. The build-it-bricks can truly create anything the imagination can come up with, including flying. Yes, now it’s possible to create LEGO projects that will fly. While the LEGO itself isn’t the reason behind the flying, you can truly create some amazing projects with the help of drones.

On Mashable, we saw a prime example of how drones can help carry LEGO projects around, making the experience just crazy cool. You can see an example below in the tweet we’ve embedded.

But one of the reasons why we found this to be so cool is the ability to really create just about anything. Wanted those Star Wars projects to fly? What about Harry Potter? Or maybe a spaceship or a house! The opportunities are really endless.

While your standard project probably won’t be flying around on a drone daily, it is a neat idea when it comes to creating something special. Think of birthday parties, or maybe an engagement. Hardcore LEGO fans could also incorporate it into a wedding.

Ideally, we think that drones are perfect for Lego fans as they can help elevate the projects into something special. We can’t stop coming up with ideas you could implement, or things you could experiment with. We’d love to hear what you’d create if you had drones available to you. Who knows? Maybe LEGO will listen and create something designed for drones to truly elevate your projects.

What LEGO project would you create using drones?