LEGO Harry Potter Game for Xbox: Live the adventure today

LEGO Harry Potter Game for Xbox has been released and it’s time to live your adventure in the Harry Potter world. Get yours today!

Let the games behind! The new Harry Potter for Xbox has been released and we could not be more excited about the new adventure that awaits us. And since the colder weather is starting to move in as winter nears, we think it’s the perfect timing to play some Xbox and go back to the magical Hogwarts for some fun times.

We found a preview for the new Harry Potter game on LEGO’s official Twitter account and from first glance, it looks like you get a bit from every book in the franchise. You also get to see familiar faces throughout the game and even battle the evil Voldemort.

The game is available now, and you can get two Harry games in one at participating retailers. What could be better as it’s getting cold, the skies are darker, and the leaves are falling off the trees?

Even if you aren’t a Harry Potter fan, we’d still invite you to check this one out. The special effects are awesome and the game is a true adventure of the battle between good and evil. What could be better?

With Christmas coming up, we’d also invite you to check out the gifts we’ll be featuring on this site. We want to find the gifts perfect for Lego fans, whether it’s new products or ideas that can be created with existing products. Right now, we believe that this game is at the top of the list.

Have you played the Harry Potter game? What do you think about it and would you recommend it to your friends? If you haven’t played it, are you getting a copy?