LEGO announces winners of Voltron Scene competition

LEGO recently had a competition to come up with the most imaginative Voltron scene. 150 submissions were noted and here’s the winner.

LEGO has plenty of contests through their social media profiles and if there’s one thing we’ve learned here at Bricks Are Awesome, it’s that people have some mind-blowing ideas. We could truly not be more excited for the people who send in their ideas and their creations for evaluations.

With that said, LEGO Ideas have just announced the winners of the recent contest, “Form Your Most Imaginative Voltron scene.” Just from the title alone, you know this contest was going to be one for the books.

LEGO announced the winners on their Twitter page, revealing the creative Voltron scenes on the social network. They also gave credit to the creators, congratulating the winner aido_k, the runner-up ExeSandbox, and jackmojo1 on the creative build.

And what can we say? We are blown away!

In case Voltron means absolutely nothing to you and it doesn’t ring any bells, you need to go back about 35 years. Voltron: Defender of the Universe was an American animated television series that focused on the space explorers who pilot the giant Super Robot known as Voltron. It ran back in 1984 and continued in 1985.

There was a total of 72 episodes and it was later revealed on DVD. The story of Voltron would continue to surface as a digital release and as comic books in the 1980s, 1990s, and even in the 2000s.

One can hope that LEGO uses these amazing creators and turns them into projects for ultra LEGO fans. We believe these winner projects are perfect for Lego fans, who are looking for new challenges. They look detailed, difficult and require a high level of concentration.

What do you think of the winners?