LEGO Masters Q and A on Tuesday: What would you ask judge Matt Ashton?

It’s time to ask some questions. On Tuesday, fans have the ability to ask LEGO Masters judge Matt Ashton anything you want.

LEGO Masters is gathering families around the television to see LEGO lovers compete with their amazing creations. And fans who eagerly want to know more about the show, about the products and about future releases now have the chance to talk to one of the judges of LEGO Masters, Matt Ashton.

Ashton will be available for a Q&A on Twitter for LEGO Masters fans and you can ask him a question using the hashtag, #AskLEGOMatt. The live tweet session is about to go live, so head over to Twitter now.

The official company account has revealed that Matt will try to answer all of the questions to the best of his ability, but it’s possible he isn’t allowed to leak some things, including who will win the show this season.

It’s also possible that he won’t have any information about the third season of the show either, as the official Twitter account for the company has previously revealed that they aren’t casting for the third season just yet. However, by all accounts, it sounds like a third season will be coming to Channel 4.

However, this is a chance for fans to learn more about Matt Ashton and what it is like to be a judge on LEGO Masters.  As he says on Twitter, it’s time to ask him anything you want and chat it up with someone who clearly has a passion for those special little bricks we all love as well.

Head over to Twitter now to participate in the Q&A now. You can only get your question answered if you use the official hashtag provided by Matt Ashton.