Best Live TV Streaming Services For Cord Cutters 2020

The general cord-cutting trend continues, but what service should you subscribe to? We’re going to break down the best live tv streaming services for cord cutters, looking at different categories to help you choose what best fits your needs. Let’s look at the contenders.

The Top Live TV Streaming Services We’ve Chosen

  • Hulu Live
    • Starts at $44.99/mo
    • 60 channels, 2 concurrent streams
    • 7-day free trial available
    • 50-hour cloud-based DVR
    • Subscribe here
  • YouTube TV
    • Starts at $49.99/mo
    • 70+ channels, 3 concurrent streams
    • 3-day free trial available
    • Unlimited cloud-based DVR for 9 months
    • Subscribe here
  • fuboTV
    • Starts at $54.99/mo
    • 109+ channels, 2 concurrent streams
    • 7-day free trial available
    • 30-hour cloud-based DVR
    • Subscribe here
  • Sling TV
    • Starts at $30.00/mo
    • 50+ channels, 3 concurrent streams
    • 7-day free trial available
    • 10-hour cloud-based DVR
    • Subscribe here

What Is The Best Live TV Streaming Service For Sports?

Winner: YouTube TV

There isn’t a lot that separates each streaming service from each other when it comes to North American sports (if you like International sports, fuboTV is the best), but the one key here is the ESPN properties. Through YouTube TV, you get both the national ESPN properties as well as Fox Sports. You won’t get NFL Network, but they do provide NBA TV, MLB Network and the Golf Channel.

What Is The Best Live TV Streaming Service For Entertainment?

Winner: Hulu Live

While the cost of Hulu Live isn’t as attractive as Sling TV, you get many more channels and a much more robust DVR. You’ll get a full lineup of local channels (ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS) as well as all of the major cable entertainment channels (A&E, Bravo, Discovery, FX, TBS, History, Travel, TNT, USA). The kids options here are also solid, with the full suite of Disney channels in addition to the Cartoon Network and Universal Kids. The news lineup is the strongest of the bunch, with the big three plus another seven news channels.

What Is The Best Live TV Streaming Service For The Money?

Winner: Sling TV

The basic package (Blue) includes just enough sports and entertainment to keep most people satisfied. On the sports side you get FS1, NFL Network, NBCSN, as well as local Fox, NBC and NBC Sports channels in select markets. There are the big three news channels (CNN, MSNBC and Fox News), as well as a handful of the best entertainment channels (USA, TNT, AMC, FX). It’s not the most inclusive package, but at just $30 it’s enough to tide most people over.

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