Toronto Subway TTC made in LEGO: Commuters called it fake!

Someone created the Toronto TTC subway system in LEGOs. While it does look like it, commuters have an opinion about how accurate it is.

If you don’t know what the TTC is, it stands for Toronto Transit Commission. The TTC is the company responsible for transporting thousands of commuters and residents of Toronto around the city, whether by bus, subway train, or streetcars.

The public transportation system in Toronto is often criticized, whether it’s because of its delays, cramped subway trains, or the busses that break down. While many Torontonians are hoping for a better system, someone took matters into their own hands.

Well, we found a project that appears to have been inspired by the TTC. The project simply shows a TTC train, in this case, the subway system, and had it running smoothly on LEGO train tracks. The post was shared by blogTO, a blog dedicated to things happening in and around Toronto.

However, it didn’t sound like people were all that thrilled about the project. It wasn’t so much that someone had created the transit system out of LEGOs, but more the accuracy. As people wrote in the comments, there’s no way that the Toronto transit system would run this smoothly and on time.

One person even mentioned that the scenario of the train pulling up to a station with less than packed platforms with passengers is simply false. Needless to say, it sounds like people aren’t too thrilled with the unrealistic portrayal of the system. Maybe if we added 1,000 more pieces of just figures to the train it would work better.

We don’t think that this project is perfect for Lego fans, especially those in and around Toronto. They may just find the project to be too unbelievable and unrealistic.

Would you build the TTC out of LEGOs?